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flowerpot for a pillow

I hope I can share a little of what I've learned - and there is so much more to learn. Let's learn to love dandelions! and all those wildflowers that are so helpful for bees.dandelion

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Victor using a flowerpot for a pillow


flowers and new buds, mid-June 2021


the melancholy thistle are past their prime but some flowers still of interest to the bees

bee on melancholy thistle

bees on melancholy thistle

hoverfly on some unopened echium Blue Bedder buds

hoverfly on echium Blue Bedder

the bees don't seem to be visiting the fox-and-cubs yet but there are too many other flowers of interest for them in addition to the melancholy thistle: poppies, nepeta and green alkanet



first Lauren's Grape poppies, bee just below one, I guess I disturbed it off the flower while photographing

lauren's grape poppy with bee

Lauren's Grape poppy

first candytuft in bloom



first echium Blue Bedder in bloom

echium Blue Bedder

first monkshood flower in bloom



bees on the sheepsbit

bee on sheepsbit

bee on sheepsbit

bee on sheepsbit

left to right, fox-and-cubs, nepeta, snapdragons, poppies latest flush, scabious

My sea holly, Magical Blue Lagoon, which I bought from the garden centre last year, has survived (so many plants do not), in bud in the centre below.

sea holly (Magical Blue Lagoon) buds in the centre

bee in poppy

bee in melancholy thistle

bee in melancholy thistle

calla lily and iris foetidissima (in the background) in bloom

delpinium in bloom, cornflower and sheepsbit in bloom below the delphinium




scabious in bloom and knautia macedonica in bud

scabious and knautia

monkshood in bud

monkshood buds

lavender buds below the monkshood

monarda Cambridge Scarlet in bud

monarda Cambridge Scarlet

lesser knapweed in bud

lesser knapweed

heleniums in bud above calendula

helenium in bud

Bees on wildflowers

I have an embarrassment of riches of bees and wildflowers, bees on: poppies, cornflower, melancholy thistle, sheepsbit, fringecups and green alkanet. I am loving my garden at this time

bees on red / field / common poppy

bee on corn field common poppy

bee in field corn common poppy

bee on cornflower

bee on cornflower

bees on melancholy thistle

bee on melancholy thistle

bee on melancholy thistle

bee on sheepsbit

bee on sheepsbit

bees on fringecups

bee on fringecups

bee on fringecups

bee on green alkanet

bee on green alkanet

bee in hollyhock

bee in hollyhock

hollyhocks self-seeding in pavement cracks round the corner, after I had put a hollyhock in a pot by my neighbour's front door


June 2021

I am loving my sheepsbit. I attempted to grow from seed last year but all the seedlings seem to die. One appeared in the centaurea dealbata pot although I didn't know what it was. I don't know how it got there but I feel very lucky.

sheepsbit Jasione montana

the entire plant, sharing the Centaurea dealbata's pot

sheepsbit jasione montana

the pot behind (above) is a Green Wizard echinacea which was badly slug-eaten - had no leaves but since I've been picking off slugs and snails each evening, a few leaves have grown

My first two red poppies. A bee was on one yesterday but didn't get my camera in time.

red poppy Papaver rhoeas

red poppy Papaver rhoeas

a bee on a green alkanet, my bees are loving it

bee green alkanet

my bees are also loving the nepeta

bee on nepeta

bee on nepeta

Brady Street Jewish Cemetery, Whitechapel, East London

I am lucky to have occasional access to the closed, walled Jewish cemetery in Brady Street, Whitechapel, East London. Sometimes it's severely mown, sometimes it's full of wildflowers. Last weekend it was full of wildflowers.

forget-me-not close-up of the flower


forget-me-not entire plant


the purple flowers are geranium molle


smooth sow thistle with a very thick stem

bellis perennis

white deadnettle and hawkweed which has spread extensively





smooth sow thistle

cow parsley, green alkanet and bellis perennis throughout the cemetery

I am so happy to see the pink woodsorrel has grown back after being mown down


the buds are like little sticks


one bud just starting to open, the plants form a dome as all the unbranched stems grow directly from the ground

green alkanet

prickly sow thistle

prickly sow thistle





spear thistle

plantain young plants before flowers surrounded by bellis perennis


geranium molle

a shrub has completely enveloped this gravestone

small nettle grows extensively in the cemetery, it's had years to spread, there's a carpet of it along the path

closer view of the small nettle

small nettle

plants growing along the top of the wall, cow parsley in front of the wall

on three sides there are modern housing estates on the other side of the wall and a school on the 4th side; sadly I spend a good deal of time on every visit picking up rubbish

hawkweed growing along the top of the wall


wildflowers in the garden

Lots of things in bud if not in bloom yet: small scabious, poppy, sea holly, sunflowers and green alkanet and forget-me-not throughout.

monarda and cornflowers

I have lots of wildflowers in my garden anyway but this little patch has become the wildflower area: stinging nettle, swinecress, betony, jacob's ladder, fox-and-cubs, hogweed and green alkanet throughout.


betony, a couple small plants I got from the garden centre in the "wildflower" range

stinging nettle, teasel right in front of Rocky

stinging nettle, swinecress, hogweed

on the left, jacob's ladder from the garden centre "wildflower" range, hogweed and fox-and-cubs in the pot on the right, green alkanet

ranunculus, globe thistle behind

ranunculus bud eaten out by a caterpillar

observing new waste ground

February 20th I noticed this new waste ground which looks recently filled with soil by workmen. I noticed there's just the start of some plants. I was curious which plants appear first so took a closer look.

these small rosettes are different, one swinecress, the other mayweed, scented / unscented / pineapple weed?





a few weeks later, despite no rain, a number of further plants have grown

the feathery mayweed-type plant turned out to be pineapple weed

pineapple weed

some sort of polygonum?, persicaria? has sprouted

I think this is a poppy



lesser swinecress

after observing the swinecress for a couple months, I was able to observe the resulting fruits which are lesser swinecress

polygonums, awaiting more details to identify definitively



sticky mouseear

sticky mouseear


I have a bad feeling my fun in observing wild plants growing is coming to an end. A bag of grass seed has been put there, presumably to sow it imminently.


the area is now full of plants and very green

more poppies have appeared, I think they're poppies

the pineapple weed has grown extremely well

smooth sow thistle appeared (on the left) and just one small stinging nettle (on the right)

poppies growing well

a vetch has appeared

close-up of the vetch

more polygonums have appeared and someone has thrown down some grass seed

it's taken a while for a thistle to appear, also oxalis has appeared

this has appeared but not certain what it is, also unknown small seedling above and to the right

24-5-2021 fat hen or orache has appeared, (I have difficulty telling them apart) a Chenopodium anyway, surprised it's taken so long

fat hen

a few plantain-like plants have appeared but not sure about all of them yet

above and below certainly look like plantain


now that I look at this one again I'm not at all sure

although all the feathery plants appeared to all be pineapple weed, some have grown taller and have white flowers so are obviously different, a mayweed I expect, I need to go back and take photos of flowers and see if they have a scent

no doubt whatsoever about popppies with buds appearing

polygonums continue to increase, not sure specific species, I await flowers

this one looks a bit different and has thinner leaves

this does not have pronounced red at the "knots"

this was the original polygonum, more stinging nettle has appeared

another polygonum?

smooth sow thistle has appeared

and thistle (creeping thistle?) has appeared

this has appeared, uncertain to me, will observe with plantain seedlings to the right

and a common vetch has grown

common vetch

common vetch

7-6-2021 scarlet pimpernel has appeared and the fruits of the swinecress are visible indicating lesser swinecress

scarlet pimpernel

Reviewing what has grown in this patch, I'm fascinated by what has appeared and when. I am assuming all the seeds / roots were in the soil when it was brought in. I don't see there would have been enough time for seeds to come in.

February/March first 2 weeks: lesser swinecress, pineapple weed, chickweed

April, after 4 to 6 weeks: polygonums (not sure which specifically), stinging nettle, poppy, common field speedwell, sticky mouse-ear

May, after 8 to 10 weeks: common vetch, dandelion, groundsel, oxalis

end of May after 12 weeks: smooth sow thistle, plantain, fat hen, creeping thistle, scented mayweed (some of what appeared to be pineapple weed turned out to be scented mayweed)

June after 14 weeks: scarlet pimpernel

29-5-2021 I don't know what's going on here but over half of the plants are destroyed. On purpose? Did they need to store some equipment there? Very sad.

wildflowers in a concrete environment

There's a patch of annual wall rocket (Diplotaxis muralis) I see locally which I struggle to photograph clearly, especially without the dog poop. There's not much green around there so this tree pit seems to be a favourite for dogs.

annual wall rocket

I wish I had a clear photo of a wall rocket rosette to add to my Rosettes page. I've had to blank out the dog poop in the photo above.

annual wall rocket rosette

annual wall rocket

annual wall rocket

annual wall rocket

annual wall rocket

annual wall rocket

annual wall rocket

annual wall rocket

annual wall rocket

May 2021

My auriculas are not behaving very well - they should be specimen blooms but they're sprawling with lots and lots of flowers!


the lack of rain has been heart-breaking, rough hawk's-beard (Crepis vesicaria) struggling to grow in difficult conditions

crepis vesicaria

this was it back on 18-3-2021

crepis vesicaria

and a week or so later with visible buds

crepis vesicaria

close-up of those buds

crepis vesicaria buds

some other previously dandelion-looking Crepis vesicarias

crepis vesicaria

crepis vesicaria

crepis vesicaria

crepis vesicaria

crepis vesicaria

this photo was taken back in March and I thought it looked rather dandelion-like but was advised it was indeed Crepis vesicaria, as shown above, it is indeed Crepis vesicaria

crepis vesicaria

end of April 2021

she likes to poop in my pots

fox pooping pot

I do have a lot of pots in the garden. The sunniest side of the garden is the patio so to grow anything there, it has to be in a pot

annoyingly, I cannot find one of my pots, did a fox carry it off? I went next door and looked but couldn't find it, it's like a bad dream

Tulip whittallii with the muscari latifolium

tulip whittallii

tulip whittallii

tulip whittallii

tulip whittallii

I am loving the muscari latifolium

muscari latifolium

these muscari latifolium have been great this year

muscari latifolium

muscari latifolium

my first anemone in bloom


Victor and Rocky


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