Plant ID Archive

This is an archive of unknowns:  which I was never able to ID, the plants died before I could identify them, they never bloomed or I wasn't able to get back to see them but I wanted to keep the photos in case I ever see similar plants again or come across further identification information.

Rosebay Willowherb ???

end of June 2017

When this first appeared I thought it might be veronica, now it's looking like a dock but not sure and if it is dock I don't know what kind, kinds I see don't have leaves opposite but this one definitely does. A morning glory self-seeded with it and is climbing up it.

morning glory climibing up unknown

after the flower faded

those distinctive curved leaves at the top, they mean dock to me but maybe other plants have them but I don't know what they are

end of August 2017

The pot is tiny and I really want to see this bloom so I've planted it in the ground at the back of the garden out of the way. I have other similar seedlings so want to establish once and for all if this is rosebay willowherb. (honesty and iris foetidissima to the right, campanula to the left)

possible rosebay willowherb

-update -

this died after I put it in the ground, no flowers had appeared


tree stump with fungus, seen East London 14-9-2017

tree stump with fungus


white fungus Hardy Tree, St Pancras Old Church, close-up

white fungus Hardy Tree

general view of the fungus

white fungus Hardy Tree St Pancras Old Church

Unknown tree

This was in the walled carpark courtyard. The red are rose hips I think from a rose that's growing through it. I've seen what looks like the same kind of tree with orange berries in a different location.

close-up of some of those branches

- update - yellow flowers appeared Spring 2018, looks like Kowhai (see Plant ID above)


this is very familiar but I can't place it right now

-update- 7-4-2018 this has disappeared now since mid-February when that pic was taken, we had snow and freezing weather after so I presume it couldn't cope. It think this was anemone but it's gone now.


Blackberry / Bramble / Campanula ???

back in my garden, between these two pics I hope this is clear, looks a bit like blackberry, a bit like campanula, will have to wait and see

is this the same? looks a bit different, blackberry?

- update 22-4-2018 -

I think all the brambly seedlings are blackberry. I have a pot of them, on the left and I've put the seedlings above, repotted in 2 square and 1 round pot on the right for comparison. I think they are the same. The seedlings only appeared after this pot of blackberries was on the patio.



Muscari ?

I like to identify the smallest seedlings. I think these 2 pots are muscari but I'm not certain.

muscari seedling

another view of the seedling above, left below

another view of the seedling above right

muscari seedling

the small plant below left has similar shaped leaves, which I also think is muscari

muscari seedlings

similar shaped leaves below left, which is clearly muscari as it has buds

muscari seedlings


confusingly these muscari seedlings just have straight grass-like leaves/stems

muscari seedlings

muscari seedlings

6-4-2018 I'm thinking they are looking plantain-like


very long smooth stems without leaves

this is in the park across the road March 2018, there are two clumps of these long smooth stems without leaves, looking like chives, -update- just ended up looking like a grass

smooth stems no leaves