Empty Pots

Planted pots June 2016

The project has morphed into mostly planting up the pots with various plants I grew from seed or self-seeding.

Pot 1: nasturtiums, deadnettle, ox-eye daisy, calendula


start of the project  November 2015

This project started off with me wanting to put my vintage terracotta pots into the cellar so they don't break during the winter. Last winter they were ok because it was very mild. This winter is supposed to be severe so I decided I would put the plants from the terracotta pots into plastic pots and looked on freecycle for some. As often happens with freecylce you don't always know exactly what you're getting until you turn up. I see an opportunity here for some plant identifcation! Like the Empty Lot exhibit at the Tate Modern I am going to water these and see what I get, if anything.

The new bare root rose (Fritz thiedemann) looks completely dead but I planted it to see if there's any life left in it. The pot on the left has what looks like hollyhock seeds.

The plant in the light green pot, I have no idea so far.

a close-up of that, smartweed, persicaria? will research that

I did pull out these clumps of grass and want to see if I can better identify grass weeds.

some horseweed and smooth sow thistle in this pot

sow thistles, willowherb and an unknown weed on the left, same as light green pot above?

close-up of that weed from the pot above, persicaria? will research that

there are 5 mixed pots (on the left), 1 very large pot on the right (42cm x 34cm high), 9 medium round pots (33cm diameter x 34cm high), 2 medium square pots

somewhere along the line, I hope to put some of those plants from the terracotta pots into some of these, as was the original intention!