Identification - South Coast

These are the weeds/wild flowers/ plants which I've seen on the South Coast, especially Hayling Island, where I used to go for a week every year. I am seeing plants there that I don't have in my garden or next door or in my local area so thought it would be good to put them on a separate page. - update - I am also seeing some of these in the London area but originally I had not and they were put here.

Of course, identification can be quite difficult as the photos I take are from that moment in time and there is no watching them grow and develop or see flowers or going back and taking a close-up photo.

Hawkweed (Hieracium)  ??

I've been back and forth with this, hawkbit, hawkweed, sowthistle? I'm not absolutely certain but think it's in the Hawkweed family, not sure the exact one but trying to research it. I also originally saw it on the south coast but recently saw it in London so have also put it in the main Weed Guide. When I have more info on this will update both pages.

I saw this a few days ago (July 9th) on Hayling Island. It does look quite similar to other weeds, eg field sowthistle 

autumn hawkbit

close-up of the leaves

autumn hawkbit leaves

close-up of the flowers, not a great pic, out of focus, but it's too far away to go back easily to take another photo

this is another plant in another spot next door and I did think it might be field sowthistle?

dandelion-like weeds

Same place a year later. I think there is a variation in the leaves.


Bristly Ox-tongue (Picris echioides renamed to Helminthotheca echioides??)

I don't know how wide-spread this is. I saw this on holiday in West Sussex

Bristly Ox-Tongue (Picris echioides)

I noticed this small plant with those distinctive blistered leaves in Hampshire on the way to Hayling Island and thought it looked like a younger bristly ox-tongue.

bristly oxtongue leaves


Thank you to reader Ruth who's helped with an ID for this.

Dyer's Rocket (reseda luteola)

seen on holiday in West Sussex

dyer's rocket

another example I saw in Hampshire

dyers rocket

Elder ??

I saw an example recently nearby and the friend who was with me thought it was an elder. I'm not really sure.


a popular Hayling Island plant (in the background of the Hawkweed at the top)


Field Bindweed (also see Bindweed in the Weed Identification page)

smaller than the ordinary bindweed we tend to find in our gardens, I saw this at Lordington Lavender in West Sussex

field bindweed

underneath side has pink stripes

field bindweed

Horseweed (also see Horseweed in the Weed Identification page)

I do have this weed at home but this one is much larger than any I see at home. It was on the patio on Hayling Island so it's been getting a lot of heat and sun so it has lots of flower buds.


Hottentot-Fig (Carpobrotus edulis)

Thank you to reader Ruth who's helped with an ID for this.

Red Valerian (Centhranthus ruber)

also white or pink flowers

red valerian

Rose Campion (Silene coronaria)

lychnis coronaria

Scarlet Pimpernel

I saw this in Hampshire on the way to Hayling Island. I have not seen this in London but maybe it's there somewhere - I don't know.

scarlet pimpernel

Sea Lavender (Limonium)

Self-Heal (Prunella vulgaris)

the purple flowers left and right, ignore the stinging nettle in the middle, I don't know how wide-spread this is I saw this in Hampshire on the way to Hayling Island, I have not seen it in London


close-up of a flower from above


Wild lettuce (Lactuca virosa)

(low weed at the bottom is pellitory-of-the-wall)

close-up of the wild lettuce flowers

wild lettuce flowers

close-up of the wild lettuce leaves

wild lettuce leaves

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)


A few plants in the seafront garden at Hayling Island which I don't recognise. Please do get in touch if you know any of these (julie at, thanks.