mid-August 2016

I found myself at a garden centre last week and couldn't resist the 4 perennials for £10 offer: another sea holly which looks so healthy and beautiful next to one of my self-seeded ones, a green wizard rudbeckia which I have attempted at least twice from seed without success, a sedum which I thought would be good in this hot dry weather needing less watering and a hosta as my current ones are like lace from slug damage.

sea holly

green wizard rudbeckia

pics of sedum and hosta to follow

oenothera versicolor, not bad for a self-seeder


even more morning glory flowers every day

morning glory

the snapdragons are producing flowers of various colours, this colour is my favourite

pink snapdragon

this rose appeared to be half-dead earlier in the summer but it's come back and flowered, in 10 years it hasn't grown any larger and produces only 1 flower

rose bud

these are my roses shown to compare sizes, the orangey one above is quite small, the pinky one is very large behind, would be even larger if I didn't prune it, I don't understand why that foreground one is so small and never grows taller

one oenothera versicolor that has self-seeded this year, a couple years ago I had dozens self-seeding from just 1 plant that bloomed the previous year, I will need to remove the flowers after wilting before the seeds escape, surrounding the oenothera are verbascum seedlings, again from only 1 plant I had a couple years ago

oenothera versicolour

this is my seed-grown delphinium, I put it up on the top shelf to keep the slugs away from it but the nearby morning glory strangled it



an update on some of my seedlings: that oenothera in the middle before I repotted it, the chicory behind it looking like giant dandelions (must get them planted in the ground but worried about the slugs), nepeta on the left, polyanthus to the right of the nepeta, scabious on the right, so far just upright leaves