end of March 2017

the Silver Parrot tulips are blooming, rather early I think

Silver Parrot tulips

I've been tidying up the patio and it made that spot under the plant stand accessible to Scarecrow to lay down in the sun.

I'm afraid the cats take precedence over any plants or gardening matters to discuss.

I couldn't decide which was a better view of Scarecrow so including both.

I potted up the few cornflower seedlings I have. Some may be calendula. I will see as they develop.

cornflower seedlings

when the seeds are still present, seedlings are easy to identify, calendula:

calendula seedling

morning glory, bottom left:

morning glory seedling

I did have 4 hostas in pots, to keep the slugs away, but one was still attacked by slugs and had an enormous foxglove sharing the pot. That hosta has disappeared. This hosta is just coming up. I'm leaving those forget-me-nots to bloom before I remove them.


another hosta just coming up


hosta sprouts coming through on this one, again leaving the forget-me-nots to bloom before removal


has anyone else seen one of these? googling it, seems to be a juvenile New Zealand flatworm, I'm not sure what gardeners are supposed to do about them, if anything, will try to research further, about 4 cm long

juvenile New Zealand flatworm