monkshood and self-seeders

I have a pot with a few seedlings which I thought were delphiniums but then I thought maybe monkshood and delphiniums as 2 looked quite similar but the 3rd was a bit different, then I put the pot next to my monkshood (see next photo) 

Putting the pot next to the monkshood has been a revelation, the front two seedlings definitely look like monkshood, not sure why the taller one looks a bit different but will just have to see how it develops. I did have 2 monkshood plants there but one has not come back this spring. Actually I don't think it came back last spring but it's a miracle this one has and collecting and planting seeds seems to have been a success. Will have to see how they develop and whether they actually flower one day. Not sure how long they take to mature.


fringecups seem to have self-seeded



and the veronica longifolia into this pot of selfheal

veronica longifolia