more late June flowers

more Amazing Grey poppies in bloom

Amazing Grey poppies

Amazing Grey poppy bud

amazing grey poppy bud

bread-seed poppy, my first in bloom

bread-seed poppy

Little Dorrit sunflower

little dorrit sunflower

Dwarf mallow (Malva neglecta), I found this in a pot today in my garden and I'm not certain where it came from. I did sow some wildflower seeds so I assume it came from those. Is dwarf mallow put in wildflower seed mixes?

dwarf mallow malva neglecta

a huge teasel in my front garden - I love them, there was a bee on it yesterday but I didn't have my phone with me to take a photo


close-up of a flower emerging from a leaf node

teasel detail

bee on bramble

bee on bramble

One of these seedlings disappeared from this tray, presumably removed by a bird or fox. It was the verbena of which I only had 2 surviving seedlings (the 3rd was eaten by slugs). Now I only have 1.

I rescued this creeping yellowcress from the slugs at the end of my garden. I had collected it from a park last year before it was savagely mown down. Turns out it's extremely attractive to slugs and snails and was almost destroyed. I have a few small bits of plants now. Where to keep them away from slugs??

creeping yellowcress

green alkanet seedling, I do like to identify the smallest seedlings so I know what I have self-seeding in my garden

green alkanet seedling

this pot with a rose by the front door has attracted a lot of self-seeders: morning glory, shoo-fly, poppy, passionflower

closer view of the shoo-fly plant, I grew them from seed last year or the year before and often seem to see shoots from seeds in the soil

shoofly seedling

heart-shaped leaves are morning glory, on the right a passionflower, which I have in the back garden so not sure why this is self-seeding here, and a poppy front and centre, selfheal in the pot next to it

close-up of one of the self-heal buds, purple petal just emerging