self-seeders in my centaurea pots

I have 3 pots of a centaurea plants from seeds I sowed. I lost track of the exact cultivar. I noticed lots of plants have self-seeded in the pots so decided to tidy them up.



I tried repotting some of the plants (forget-me-nots, a teasel, a verbena bonariensis, great hairy willowherb), some are not looking good, I'll see how they do

another view of the repotted plants, some look quite limp

there were lots of foxglove seedlings which I repotted

foxglove seedlings

other plants removed that I did not want to keep

the centaurea pots after the other plants were removed except for poppies which I didn't think would transplant well and thought they could bloom before causing much trouble

centaurea pots

views of each pot

centaurea pot

centaurea pot