mid-June 2023

The giant scabious is giant! sky-high. So happy it's blooming - and then the icing on the cake - a bee visiting the flowers yesterday.

giant scabious Cephalaria gigantea

closer view of the bee, will try to get a better shot today

giant scabious Cephalaria giantea

a few days later, more flowers, more bees

giant scabious Cephalaria gigantea bee

more fabulous Lauren's Grape poppies in bloom

Lauren's Grape poppies

Lauren's Grape poppies

Lauren's Grape poppy

one of the flowers with a bee

Lauren's Grape poppy bee

Laurens Grape poppies

foxgloves with bee

foxgloves bee

foxglove bee

Amazing Grey poppies with a bee

amazing grey poppies bee

another view of a bee on the poppies

Amazing Grey poppies with bee

and another

Amazing Grey poppies with bee

Amazing Grey poppies

at one point I had 7 poppies in bloom

Amazing Grey poppies

fox-and-cubs, echium vulgare with Scarecrow in the background


verbena bonariensis in bloom

verbena bonariensis

verbena bonariensis



hogweed bud


hogweed bud the next day


emerging more

common hogweed

another eruption from a stem below

common hogweed

water figwort large stem

water figwort stem

globe thistles with buds

globe thistle buds

small teasels in bud

small teasel

small teasels

greater knapweed buds

greater knapweed

lesser knapweed buds

lesser knapweed