August 2023

bee on verbena bonariensis

verbena bonariensis bee

sawwort with bee

sawwort bee

29-5-2023 I had a sage plant that was looking quite sad. After taking it out from an overgrown flowerbed it had a little growth, so kept it out in the sun.


after 2 months and repotting, it looks amazing, too late for flowers I guess but looking forward to some next year


Yesterday I discovered some of my echium Blue Bedder are white.

echium blue bedder white

scabiosa Mariposa Blue in the centre, white echium Blue Bedder above, usual purple/blue echium Blue Bedder below

echium Blue Bedder white mariposa scabiosa

white echium Blue Bedder

echium Blue Bedder white

I had one agastache growing in a pot from a seed left from last year.


greater knapweed, new bloom after lots of rain, sadly that's prevented any bees visiting

greater knapweed Centaurea scabiosa

I love the pattern of the centaurea buds

greater knapweed Centaurea scabiosa

The passionflower is producing fruit, not to be confused with passion fruit, I tried one once, not very nice.

passionflower fruit

fading catnip flowers, still attracting bees

catnip nepeta cataria bee