the garden growing in the cracks in my patio - and cats!

There's an entire garden growing in the cracks in my new patio - and cats!

left to right, wall speedwell, deadnettle, poppy, selfheal, sowthistle

buddleja, wall speedwell, selfheal, smooth sowthistle

mouseear and I'm not sure, similar to green alkanet but it doesn't usually have that textured leaf, will have to wait and see

verbascum and violet, I think

not sure and prickly sowthistle

prickly sowthistle

prickly sowthistle

Geranium molle

Geranium molle



sowthistle, prickly I think

not sure on this one

common whitlowgrass, I think

some late additions I noticed after I took the first set of photos

spotted persicaria (Persicaria maculosa)

spotted persicaria

This was growing in a crack on the patio but wanted to pot it up and see what it was as I didn't recognise it. I can't believe I managed to get it out and it's looking fine now. It was looking quite poorly for the first couple days. I'm intrigued by the centre.

and I noticed nasturtium which was probably from seeds I sowed recently, one must have fallen on the ground, also deadnettle and not sure on the left