end of May 2024

bee on a hardy geranium

hardy geranium with bee

bee just inside one of the foxglove flowers at the bottom

foxglove with bee

ladybird larva

ladybird larva

I was worried it was only 1 or 2 bees in the garden I kept seeing but today I saw 4 at once so I know I have at least those four and I saw a smaller bee, definitely a different type so I have at least 5. Two on the giant scabious (2 photos, I just love seeing them up there), 1 on the melancholy thistle and 1 on a dandelion. I couldn't photograph the small one which was on a green alkanet.

giant scabious cephalaria gigantea

giant scabious with bee cephalaria gigantea

melancholy thistle with bee Cirsium heterophyllum

dandelion with bee

a few days before

after the rain finally stopped, a bee on a dandelion; dandelions have become a treasured plant in my garden and when the bees are feeding from them, I am happy

bee on dandelion

foxglove, hoping I might see a bee go into a flower but I don't have that many bees in the new garden, sadly


lupin, one day might see a bee


jacob's ladder just coming into bloom

jacobs ladder

my seed-grown Centaurea montana finally in bloom

centaurea montana

cultivar Amethyst bought from a garden centre

centaurea montana amethyst

giant scabious in bud

giant scabious cephalaria gigantea

giant scabious cephalaria gigantea

Annual Mercury (Mercurialis annua), large female flower fruits - usually I have to hunt under the leaves for them but these were so large, so easy to see

annual mercury Mercuralis annua

annual mercury Mercuralis annua

annual mercury Mercuralis annua

male flowers for comparison

annual mercury Mercuralis annua

pellitory-of-the-wall (Parietaria judaica) flowers

Parietaria judaica pellitory-of-the-wall

Frankenstein Plants

that's what I call plants growing through each other and so close together they look like one plant but on closer examination they are separate plants, 2024's Frankenstein plants so far

May 2024

hawkweed oxtongue (Picris hieracioides) at the base of a willowherb (Epilobium species)

frankenstein plant

bristly oxtongue (Helminthotheca echioides), smooth hawk's-beard (Crepis capillaris)?, shepherd's purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris)

frankenstein plant

April 2024

a few different shepherd's purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris), forget-me-not (Myosotis species)

frankenstein plant