the "wildflowers" already in our garden

I'm not sure what happened to this. I thought it was really interesting but when I looked for it this morning it was difficult to find.

Our weeds are wildflowers. We just need to pick and choose those we like best.  As she says "Yarrow, tansy, ragwort, toadflax, mulleins, mallows, clovers, willow-herbs, dead nettles, comfreys, speedwells – all are wild flowers. "

I certainly love some plants that are considered weeds but I don't think anything is going to induce me to leave the dandelions, herb robert and bluebells in my garden. My garden just isn't big enough to have thugs takeover - and I don't like them! We need to grow what we like, keeping an open mind - and thinking about the bees!

green alkanet

green alkanet - flowers early before other flowers get going and the bees love it

This is one of my versions of the Great Piece of Turf (I have so many - almost any pot or patch of ground). I see Nigella but not sure what else, esp the large one in the middle. Will leave them all until they are recognisable.