thistles, zantedeschia and hollyhocks

I can't stop taking pics of my beautiful cats


Polly Pocket

I know I'm crazy (my gardening neighbour friend thinks so!) but I love thistles and thistle-like plants. This is a milk thistle. I've always thought it odd that slugs love plants like thistles. They adore this and it's only been through a liberal application of slug pellets I have anything left of the two I bought.

milk thistle

a self-seeded thistle in the front garden


another type of thistle that has self-seeded in the front garden - will research more about the types


thistle leaves to compare

thistle leaves

There are more flowers every day of the Tasty Pansy. Fabulous.

Tasty Pansy

Zantedeschia (Calla Lily)

loving this hot weather


2 differently leaved hollyhocks


hollyhock leaves to compare - will research types

hollyhock leaves