latest flowers end of June/beginning of July

Centaurea Montana

centaurea montana

Spear Thistle

spear thistle

Yesterday's pansy tea party, there's just a narrow rim of white around this yellow flower

pansy tea party

two of this colour bloomed yesterday

pansy tea party

pansy tea party

Nigella, I've had masses self-seeding, I love the purple centre of this flower


Pansy Tea Party, more colours keep blooming

pansy tea party

Allium sphaerocephalon

allium sphaerocephalon

comfrey with a bee, there are always bees buzzing around the comfrey plants

borage with bee

milk thistle

milk thistle

scabiosa barocca

I love pincushion flowers (see the field scabious below), I thought this hadn't survived the winter but found it growing recently and it got some buds, beautiful ones

scabiosa Barocca

latest pansy tea party, the first appearance of this colour

pansy tea party



scabiosa bud

scabiosa bud

the iris foetidissima have been amazing this year, the seed pods are numerous and heavy, in a few weeks they will split open to reveal bright orange seeds

iris foetidissima

I thought these rose thorns looked very interesting and as I had the camera in my hand I took a photo.

rose thorns

field scabious, how fantastic to have this self-seeding in the garden, it's as good as one bought from the garden centre or grown from seed, I love these pincushion flowers

lesser knapweed

field scabious

crocosima, hardy geranium and lots and lots of chinese lanterns in the foreground with small white flowers

crocosima, hardy geranium, chinese lanterns

that beautiful purple Pansy Tea Party with all the petals unfurled

pansy tea party

Tasty Pansy, that middle flower is the first appearance of that colour

tasty pansy

These are the results of cuttings taken on holiday on the south coast. The erigeron in bloom is easy to identify. The other 2 I'm not sure. The one on the bottom right is just different enough (tightly furled rosettes of leaves), I'm not sure if it is an erigeron.