yellow fox-and-cubs

yellow fox-and-cubs, different species or just a variation?

yellow fox and cubs

difficult to get a shot in focus but wanted to show the entire plant, flower close-up above, basal leaves below

yellow fox-and-cubs

distinctive fox-and-cubs basal leaves

fox-and-cubs leaves

end of October 2019

I'm sad the growing season is over. Surprised to see a new greater knapweed flower today.

greater knapweed

It's growing from the stem in a way I haven't seen before.

greater knapweed

My prostrate rosemary is in full bloom.


still flowers on the shoo-fly but the seed pods are not black like photos I've seen


Starting beginning of September I had an ear infection and then 4 weeks later, after recovering, the other ear got infected. It still is but now I have a cold. I can hardly get the energy to go outside and photograph any plants. Luckily these are in my front garden so not far to go. Maybe one day I'll feel better.

A few days later I ventured out for a short walk. Some beautiful flowers in neighbours' front gardens. Helianthus, not sure exactly which species yet.






October 2019

At this time of year I switch my focus from gardening outdoors to gardening indoors with my bulb forcing. Sometimes they overlap. I planted some allium Purple Sensation and muscari in this trough which the foxes promptly dug up. I've moved it to the front garden where the foxes don't come so much. Some muscari bulbs are also "forced" in small pots. I say forced but in my experience muscari will bloom when it's good and ready and not a day before whether one tries it inside or out.

bulbs dug up by foxes

I basically lost the month of September with an ear infection, then deafness and disorientation then tinnutis so haven't updated here so much. The amazing Japanese anemone still going strong, all on its own with little fuss since I moved here 16 years ago.

japanese anemone

intermittent morning glory flowers keep appearing

morning glory

late sea holly flowers along with the morning glory

morning glory and sea holly

those fantastic intense purple morning glory flowers

morning glory

mid-September 2019

I have a lot of pots! I tend to need to put plants in pots: 1. to keep them away from the slugs 2. to make use of the sun on the patio 3. to have plants in the very shallow flowerbed along the front path which isn't deep enough for normal planting. It's the time of year to review the pots:

1. Pots with annuals that have finished.

an empty pot will be a magnet for forget-me-nots, verbascum and wild basil

2. Pots with perennials that I'll set aside until next year.

the knautia spent stems need to be cut back and guess I should feed them

3. New plants (both grown myself and bought) not planted out yet.

the slugs love the greater knapweed seedlings so still haven't planted it out yet

4. New plants (grown myself and bought) which I'm not sure where to put.



moving the pots about reveals these slugs, the white things are their eggs, those of a sensitive disposition, look away now, I wrap them in a paper towel and cut them in half and the eggs get smashed



one of the intermittent shoo fly flowers today, they don't last long and there aren't that many of them but today when I went outside to take photos, there was one looking beautiful

shoo fly flower

a scabious that self-seeded, maybe small / columbaria scabious?

scabious flower

September 2019

The yucca was here in the front garden when I moved in. The leaves are incredibly spiky so I guess it's good for security in front of the window but it's never been my favourite. In recent years, the hot summers seem to have brought on flowering (I don't recall it flowering in the first years I was here). This year the flowers are earlier and there are two rather than the usual one spike. When photographing them today I noticed bees which I hadn't realized were visiting it. Suddenly I like it a lot more!

yucca with bee

close-up of that bee in the photo above

yucca with bee

yucca flower with bee

Purple loosestrife I bought at a garden centre as my pond was a bit depleted. Only 1 plant of something like this is required - it's amazing.  Looks like some veronica beccabunga is growing. I had it in the past but thought it was gone. It had spread so much I pulled the runners out and I seemed to have done it too much but it survived. On the right, just visible is a water avens I bought at the garden centre at the same time as the purple loosestrife. I look forward to flowers next spring. The pond is a preformed plastic one with a leak so some serious repair / replacement it required. Other plants that haven't survived are a yellow flag and cat tails but now I see the beccabunga I will look for shoots and maybe they're there since the overwhelming calla lily has been removed.

purple loosestrife

I didn't plant any chicory seeds this year but maybe this enormous "dandelion" is a chicory seedling? I'm not sure. Comparing to previous years' chicory seedlings, it doesn't have any upright growth but maybe it's early yet. It would be nice as I didn't even think about planting chicory seeds. I'm going to wait and see. If it's just a dandelion - the bees will have and early (or late) dandelion.

photobombed by a cat - as usual, this has self-seeded in a pot, possibly autumn hawkbit?? one of my naughty squirrel visitors has disturbed the pot, like the foxes, which can be so destructive, they are so cute and I put nuts out for them - and this is how they repay me by burying them in my pots!

In spite of savage weeding and spraying weedkiller my neighbour has not succeeded in totally obliterating the soapwort - thank goodness. Why he ripped everything out of that flower bed - but left a broom, a bucket and other rubbish, I don't understand. The cherry laurel stump is also growing and will be out of control in no time. I pruned it earlier this year but despite him banishing me from the garden, he is not pruning it himself. 

close-up view or the closest my camera can get anyway

end of August 2019

another flush of greater knapweed flowers

greater knapweed

the Chinese lanterns are turning orange (the greater knapweed is just to the left of the front path just out of shot)

chinese lanterns

the flowers are so unnoticeable (green lantern underneath which will turn orange in coming weeks)

chinese lantern flower

I have the final few plants I grew from seed. Salvia sclarea var. turkestanica, obviously aren't going to bloom this year. I finally planted them in larger pots.

the slugs had been eating them before so not sure how they'll do in the pots (3 round, 1 square), in the pots I can put them more in the sun when I've cleared some spent plants

salvis sclarea turkestanica

These meadow clary (Salvia pratensis) are surprisingly small, also in smaller pots,

meadow clary

thought I'd try them all together in the this very large pot. I can always divide them next year. Anything in small the pots the foxes are playing with, taking next door, etc. so needed to get things planted, even if into pots rather than in the ground. In the ground I worry about slugs.

meadow clary

Rudbeckia Green Wizard which I bought a few years ago (previous attempts growing from seed were unsuccessful but maybe because of my aggressive slugs), I hadn't planted it out but still the slugs got to it, I moved it off the ground / out of the way and it grew back but the slugs got to it again, the cycle was repeated a few times. At some point I managed to put it on some shelves away from the slugs and it grew back the last time and I planted it in this larger pot. I still can't put it in the ground and not sure where to put the pot long term but it is now on some tall shelves. Can it bloom in a pot? I don't know but I'll see next year I guess.

green wizard

This is my last delphinium small plant (of 4 ) that I grew from seed earlier this year, the slugs got the others; also in the pot is my last melancholy thistle. The slugs loved them! This pot is also on the tall shelves. I have another packet of melancholy thistle seeds to try again.

August 2019

I came back from holiday (on Hayling Island - lots of plants seen, will post photos in coming days) and see the rain had encouraged some new flowers.

the chicory has a new flush of flowers - which a bee is enjoying

chicory with bee

chicory with bee

the bought sea holly plants on the right, mostly brown but a few newer flowers, my seed-sown sea holly on the left, mostly green still but ones in front of the ladder turning blue and some fresh nepeta faassenii flowers and ox-eye daisy

sea holly

some completely new echium Blue Bedder plants - in bloom

echium blue bedder

echium blue bedder

a new knautia macedonica

knautia macedonica

and snapdragon


before I went away, the globe thistles were in full bloom and attracting bees

globe thistle with bee

globe thistle with bee

globe thistle with bee

globe thistle with bee

I guess the bees eventually go to the veronica longifolia but it's not their first choice but I love the purple flowers

veonica longifolia

before I went away I had a new water lily in bloom

water lily

I grew these hyssop from seed last year, finally in bloom this year - but white instead of purple flowers I was expecting

hyssop white flowers

hyssop white flower

hyssop white flower

speaking of bees, I had them on the musk mallow

musk mallow

the scabiosa Perfection Blue

scabiosa perfection blue with bee

lesser knapweed

lesser knapweed

lesser knapweed with bee

and looking back I see bumblebees were on the globe thistles end of July

globe thistle with bumblebee

globe thistle with bumblebee

first flowers of the marsh mallow I grew some seed

marsh mallow flowers

end of July 2019

Thank goodness it has cooled down and we've had some rain. The bees have been enjoying the flowers blooming in this hot weather.


lavender with bee

nepeta cataria / catnip / catmint

nepeta cataria with bee

Japanese anemone

japanese anemone with bee

globe thistles

globe thistles with bee


passionflower with bee

More flowers for bees at Flowers for Bees page.

The cloudier weather has made it easier to take some photos; it had been difficult to photograph this white hyssop flower in the bright sun.

hyssop flower

I grew this hyssop from seeds I bought in Seoul, sown last summer, eaten voraceously by slugs but 3 plants survived because I've kept them off the ground away from the slugs, and now the first flowers. I wasn't expecting white flowers - thought they'd be purple. The photo on the seed packet had purple flowers but maybe there's something in the text that says "white". I'm learning Korean but not up to reading the seed packet yet but I'll look for the word "white". The pot on the right kept getting knocked over and peanuts buried in it by squirrels so it doesn't look so good and no buds.


Two plants that didn't bloom at all last year because of the drought and heatwave: crocosima and agapanthus, but thankfully blooming this year.





mid-July 2019

the bees (bumble and honey) - and hoverflies - are loving the artichokes

artichoke with bees

artichoke with bees

passionflower with bee

goat's-rue by the canal with a bee

goat's-rue with bee

goat's-rue with bee

goat's-rue with bee

goat's-rue canal lock

My greater knapweed seem to be struggling a bit, I guess the environment isn't great, a shallow flowerbed that isn't watered enough (I can't water the garden except for pots) but at least a bee is there.

greater knapweed with bee

Two of the meadow cranesbill I grew from seed are finally blooming. I've had intermittent flowering from the few resulting plants.

meadow cranesbill

meadow cranesbill

The Chinese lanterns turned out to be easy to grow from seed. A few in that trough, which ideally I'd put next door for my downstairs neighbour but the upstairs neighbour is so horrible and refused me access to the garden (even though it's shared with the downstairs neighbour). I can't carry it through her flat.

chinese lanterns

One of my teasels in the back garden is blooming. Some self-seeded next door but that neighbour cut them down (and everything else, he even sprayed weedkiller - I am so upset).

close-up of the flower

teasel flower

view of the entire plant


at least in the front next door he hasn't started cutting anything down but maybe it's only a matter of time, teasels and artichokes

teasel artichoke

another view of them, not sure which is better

teasel and artichokes

water collected in the teasel leaves

teasel with water

hollyhocks used to be the star of the garden next door but the hollyhock weevil seriously reduced numbers, I am trying to grow some replacements from seed but the slugs are seriously damaging the seedlings, I am going to try keeping them in pots until they are larger and maybe able to survive? mugwort to the left

mugwort hollyhocks

field scabious I grew from seed

field scabious

After this garden was completely destroyed with building work, I sowed some green manure seeds  onto the bare earth. These seed pods must be from the few surviving plants of the tare / vetch. I'm going to try sowing some of the seeds.

vetch tare seed pods

the verbascum thapsis appeared on its own

verbascum thapsis

this poppy also found its way on its own

poppy atlantic

best buys from the garden centre - out of the skip, santolina and pelargonium

Santolina rosmarinifolia


July 2019

I have some Chinese lanterns. After the drought and heatwave last year affecting them badly I wasn't sure they'd survive. Thank goodness this year has been wetter and cooler.

Chinese lanterns

I gave in and bought sea holly plants as the slugs have attacked mine and the bees are all over them.

sea holly with bees

my one large sunflower, echium Blue Bedder behind to the right still going strong but the Lauren's Grape poppies behind are finished now pretty much

sea holly

a pleasing basket of violas, Chicky Chicks originally I think, although they've self-seeded and renewed themselves a few times, I don't really have anywhere to put a hanging basket which I'd planted for someone else who couldn't use it so it's just on a rung of that little table

viola Chicky Chicks

self-heal (Prunella vulgaris) I grew from seed

self-heal prunella vulgaris

self-heal prunella vulgaris

I didn't think my first sowing of self-heal seeds had survived the slugs (but they had) so sowed more seeds so I have 3 pots of self-heal altogether although those two at the front seem to have much darker leaves, I don't know why


one Beaconsfield pansy grown from seed above and below along with another pot of it, a nice number of flowers right now but think it's only 3 or 3 plants - all I got from the packet of seeds

Beaconsfield pansy

the artichokes are starting to bloom

artichokes blooming

some artichokes next door to the right, just visible in the photo above, also some hollyhocks although a lot fewer this year after they were badly affected by the drought, heatwave and hollyhock weevil, I am attempting to grow some more from seed but the slugs are attacking them and I just don't have enough room to keep them off the ground and away from them

nepeta faassenii, garden catnip / catmint


nepeta cataria, catnip / catmint

nepeta cataria

nepeta cataria


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