Weed (and other plant) Rosettes

Lots of plants (and some weeds) start as rosettes so I wanted to show all the examples I've seen. Some are more rosette-like than others. I will be adding to this page as I see them or find my photos (challenging as I've taken so many).

Bristly Oxtongue Helminthotheca echioides
Cat's Ear Hypochaeris radicata
Common Daisy Bellis perennis
Creeping Buttercup Ranunculus repens
Dandelion Taraxacum officinale
Dock Rumex
Forget-me-not Mysotis
Foxglove Digitalis
Dove's-foot Crane's-bill/ Dovesfoot Geranium Geranium molle
Globe Thistle Echinops
Great Mullein Verbascum thapsis
Greater Celandine Chelidonium majus
Hairy Bittercress Cardamine hirsuta
Hedge Mustard Sisymbrium officinale
Herb Robert Geranium robertianum
Honesty Lunaria
Knautia Macedonica  
Nipplewort Lapsana communis
Ox-eye Daisy Leucanthemum vulgare
Prickly Sow Thistle Sonchus asper
Ragwort Senecio Jacobaea
Shepherd's Purse Capsella bursa-pastoris
Smooth Sow Thistle Sonchus oleraceus
Short-fruited Willowherb Epilobium obscurum
Teasel Dipsacus fullonum
Spear Thistle Cirsium vulgare
Wood Avens Geum urbanum
unknown rosettes  

Bristly Oxtongue

bristly ox-tongue rosette

bristly oxtongue

Cat's Ear ??

cat's ear

Common Daisy / Lawn Daisy (Bellis perennis)

bellis perennis

this was at the bottom of this page as an unknown but seeing the one above in flower I'm pretty sure it's a daisy as well

Creeping Buttercup (Ranunculus repens)

creeping buttercup




dock weed



distinctive strong vein down the centre of the leaves




a close-up of a foxglove showing the texture of the leaves


Geranium Molle

not sure how "rosette" it is but in February one of the few plants growing so it caught my eye

geranium molle

Globe Thistle

globe thistle initial rosette

Great Mullein (Verbascum thapsis)

verbascum thapsis rosette

Greater Celandine

I never thought of greater celandine as starting with a rosette but this January example looks rosette-like to me.

greater celadine

Herb Robert

herb robert

Hedge Mustard

hedge mustard

Hairy Bittercress

hairy bittercress



Knautia Macedonica

I think this is knautia macedonica but I think other knautia initial rosettes are probably similar (eg knautia arvensis / field scabious)

scabious rosette



Ox-eye Daisy

ox-eye daisy


I'm not sure if this is one rosette or more than one.

poppy rosette

Prickly Sow Thistle

prickly sow thistle


ragwort rosette

Shepherd's Purse

shepherds purse

Smooth Sow Thistle

smooth sow thistle

smooth sow thistle

Seen in isolation the two plants below might both be identified as smooth sow thistle but right next to each other, it's clear they are different. I think the one on the left is shepherd's purse and on the right smooth sow thistle but I will keep and eye on them and take some better photos and confirm as they develop. Just down the road from me so should be feasible.

smooth sow thistle comparison shepherds purse

Short-fruited Willowherb

short-fruited willowherb


the first year, teasel starts as a  low rosette

teasel rosette


I think this is a spear thistle.

thistle rosette

Verbascum (phlomoides?) tall with white flowers

this verbascum rosette does look a bit like teasel but it's smooth and doesn't have the blisters, on March 20th (first day of Spring 2018) it has ice, we've had a bitter cold few days


Wood Avens (Geum urbanum)

wood avens rosette


Unknown Rosettes

looks like autumn hawkbit but I'm not sure, hoping to see it flower and become identifiable (also visible, smooth sow thistle, chickweed, groundsel and goosegrass)

the weeds above and below are in a church garden up the road, which unfortunately is locked sometimes so it may be difficult to follow up on these but I do hope to see them develop and flower this spring/summer and become identifible (also visible hairy bittercress, chickweed, petty spurge, oxalis and something I'm not sure of)

not sure how identifiable this is yet

close-up of this weed rosette

weed rosette

another view of that weed rosette showing to scale how small it is

not sure I'll be able to see this to maturity and therefore identification - but in case thought I'd take a pic - update - this has disappeared, did someone remove it on purpose?

weed rosette

In the back garden next door, I think this must be a knautia macedonia or a scabious, both of which I've grown from seed and purchased small plants. I mantain some pots on the patio next door, inc knautia and scabious plants and sure seeds are spread from my garden there as well. Hopefully he won't mow the "lawn" before I see what happens with it. Very soft, definitely not a thistle.

weed rosette

this could be prickly sow thistle, if it was in my garden I'd leave it and see how it develops but as I saw it on the pavement, no guarantees it will be left to grow

I saw this December 31st. Still researching what it is. I hope it grows and flowers before it's mown down, always a danger when observing urban weeds.

unknown weed rosette

unknown weed rosette

I saw these near the rosettes above on the same day (Dec 31st)

unknown weed rosette

unknown weed rosette

unknown weed rosette