pansies and violas

viola floral powers

I still find these beautiful viola Floral Powers popping up unexpectedly - one of my better results with seeds. I first planted these two years ago. I see they are described as perennial and although I have them self-seeding I wouldn't call them perennial.

I love pansies (and violas) and find them not too difficult to grow from seed BUT the colours all seem to be the same - all I seem to get are reddish and yellow. Last year I had the same and these are from packets of mixed colour "Swiss Giants". Most of my nigella flowers are boring white (pic to follow) so I'm beginning to think the seed suppliers are filling out the mixtures with the most boring colours. I'm going to try some single colour selections of pansies next time.


Some things do seem very difficult to grow from seed so I'm grateful for the odd easy packet of seeds such as these marigolds that came free with my seed order. It's reassuring I can grow *something* from seed. As usual with just about every pot in my garden, something has self-seeded itself in it, in this case aquilegia.

daisy, salvia, comfrey, vetch, etc

I planted these daisies from seed, what seems like ages ago. The recent hot weather has finally spurred them into bloom.



These are my first salvia blooms.


The comfrey is in bloom now.


These tufted vetch seemed to appear suddenly from nowhere. I did have seeds ages ago but I have no recollection of where I planted them and when but I often reuse pots after planting seeds if nothing appears so these have obviously been dormant somewhere until the conditions were right for them to grow.

tufted vetch

It's funny how the ceanothus on the right has one lone bloom on it, compared with the one on the left covered in blossoms.

2012 Seeds

I decided not to buy any seeds this year as I tend to go a bit mad buying too many and I still have enough left from last year to keep me busy. I also find I get better results when I grow less and look after them better. When I have too many I easily fall behind looking after them.

In reviewing what I currently have, these are my seeds:

Allium - collected from plants I grew last year

Cerinthe - collected from plants I grew last year



Chives sow March to May


Devil's Bit Scabious

Foxglove sow April to July

Greater Knapweed

Hollyhock - collected from plants I grew last year

Lesser Knapweed

Pansy Colossus Neon Violet - Unwins Gro-Sure sow February to August

Snapdragon - collected from plants I grew last year

Sunflowers - collected from plants I grew last year

Tomato - Thompson and Morgan Berry F1 Hybrid sow February to April

Viola Floral Powers sow February to March

Viper's Bugloss

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