seeds growing years later

A few years ago I planted about 5 different thistles with variable results, mostly disappointing but 1 enormous cotton thistle (in the front garden) which was great. Since then I haven't seen any of the thistles until this suddenly appeared in the back garden. 

cotton thistle

It's not nearly as tall as the first cotton thistle I grew.

cotton thistle

This vipers bugloss appeared in the front garden a few years after planting them in the back garden.

vipers bugloss

Pussycat likes to go next door and spend time with my neighbour.



Unlike the previous flowers, these neon violet pansies I actually planted this year in March.

neon violet pansy

The front garden has grown quite lush after all this rain.

front garden with Pussycat

pansy and viola colour reversion

I'm rather surprised to see both pansy and viola flowers reverting to a similar colour and happening on existing plants rather than self-seeded ones.

These were supposed to be a black pansy, Blackjack (I actually labelled these properly when I planted them last year - sometimes I forget).

colour reversion pansies

These were Viola Floral Powers although I'm not sure if they were an existing plant or a self-seeded one that grew wholly this year.

viola colour reversion

I now know that the Chiltern Seeds pansies that I complained to them about that were not the colours they were supposed to be had all reverted to a similar colour. Surely they must have recognised that. I didn't know about colour reversion at the time.

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