Zantedeschia and Aquilegia Flowers and a Moth

I noticed this tiny tiny moth the other day sitting on a white foxglove just as I happened to be in the garden with my camera. I think it's a mint moth (if my google searches were successful).

mint moth

It's warm enough for the zantedeschia to bloom. This one is in the pond. I've just been reading about how they need winter protection but I've never provided that for mine. Things need to be as tough as old boots to survive in my garden and this plant has done just fine. It was one of my best buys as it was on special at B+Q a few years ago and is still going strong.


These photos are quite similar but I just couldn't decide which was better!


It's easy to get blasé about aquilegias as they self-seed around the garden and I've never bought seeds or a plant but they really are exquisite flowers.


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