A Walk Looking at Pavement Plants

We had a successful walk in beautiful weather. I think everyone learned a lot and enjoyed sketching some plants.  If you would like to attend a future walk, do get in touch, julie@gardenwithoutdoors.org.uk


we saw the following plants (not in any particular order):


Corydalis lutea (now called Pseudofumaria lutea)

Fat hen (Chenopodium album)

Many-seeded goosefoot

Common orache

London bur-marigold

Tree of heaven

Gallant soldier

Horseweed (Erigeron canadensis / Canadian fleabane)

Smooth sow thistle

Wall lettuce

Hawkweed oxtongue


Black horehound 




Great water Dock

Persicaria maculosa

Annual wall rocket

Oxford ragwort

Great hairy willowherb 

Wild buckwheat 


Green alkanet 

Stinging nettle

Bittersweet / woody nightshade (white flowers Solanum dulcamara)

Black nightshade (purple flowers Solanum nigrum)

Shepherd's purse

Hedge mustard



If you would like to see some of the Pavement Plants I blog about, please join me for a walk around part of Camden on Sunday September 12th at 10:00 am, meet in Camden Gardens, NW1 (junction of Kentish Town Rd, Camden St, Hawley Rd). We'll be finishing with some simple sketching activities. Email for more info julie@gardenwithoutdoors.org.uk.

nettle-leaved bellflower

some further details:

Join us on a walk through the streets of Camden and learn to identify the plants that grow through the cracks. Urban wildflowers are dismissed as weeds but these pavement plants play an important role in supporting London's wildlife. We'll finish with some simple sketching activities.

This activity is aimed at adults, however, children of 8+ years accompanied by an adult are welcome. The walk will be on and off footpaths so may include walking over uneven ground).

This free workshop is brought to you by Garden Without Doors and the London National Park City initiative.