Leaves - foxglove, borage, green alkanet, etc

snapshot of leaves late summer

When I noticed the buds on the borage in the pot below, I realised how difficult it can be to differentiate plants based on leaves. It could have been green alkanet only the buds made it definitive. Some leaves can be so similar.

I noticed I had a few similar plants in my garden and took some photos. I was thinking they were from only a couple plant families but, in fact, five: Asteraceae (lesser knapweed, fox-and-cubs, melancholy thistle), Boraginaceae (borage, green alkanet, pulmonaria), Brassicaceae (honesty), Caprifoliaceae (Knautia macedonica, teasel, red campion), Plantaginaceae (Foxglove),  Scrophulariaceae (buddleja). This is a snapshot of leaves in my garden this week.

left to right, foxglove, borage, teasel

foxglove borage teasel

and a few days later, thinking corn marigold bottom left

foxglove borage teasel corn marigold

green alkanet, borage

borage green alkanet


borage Borago officinalis

green alkanet with a late flower

green alkanet self-seeded in this pot, it is a great self-seeder

green alkanet Pentaglottis sempervirens

foxglove left, green alkanet right, Chinese lantern top of trough

foxglove green alkanet chinese lantern

in the pot below: top teasel, below fox-and-cubs, right red campion (better view below) and green alkanet

teasel green alkanet fox-and-cubs



red campion, teasel left, green alkanet below

red campion silene dioica

left Japanese anemone, right Pulmonaria rubra

pulmonaria rubra

lesser knapweed (Centaurea nigra)

lesser knapweed centaurea nigra

another view of the knapweed

lesser knapweed centaurea nigra

left knautia macedonica, right fringecups, below right green alkanet

knautia macedonica fringecups

melancholy thistle, bottom right green alkanet

melancholy thistle cirsium hetero phyllum


honesty lunaria annua

wood avens

wood aven geum urbanum



black nightshade

black nightshade