cats in the garden

I tend to take close-up photos of my plants and flowers but when I took this photo of Polly Pocket I thought it would be nice to show more of the garden. Hostas in the pots and bergenia to the right, lots of globe thistles and scabiosa to the left. Apple tree at the back.

Socks, my other cat.

Jeffrey, a neighbour's cat who visits every day, on the patio.

Billy, another neighbour's cat who visits regularly, in the garden next door.

Tabby Jr, another cat that visits every day now. That makes 2 residents and 3 visitors - so far.

Types of ivy

I thought it might be interesting to see what types of ivy I have in the back garden. I tried to pick only 1 of each kind and only mature specimens to compare sizes and colours accurately.

types of ivy

This tiny viola self-seeded itself in this pot, surrounded by my delphinium young plants (hopefully will replace those devoured by slugs).

I have "broadcast" thousands of red poppy seeds and this is one of only two red poppies I've had in bloom. I was so curious to see how they got so many in bloom in the Tower moat until I read they were ceramic! No wonder - as they are difficult and unpredicable.

red poppy

Still more colours of the Tasty Pansy and Pansy Tea Party, I love this shade of blue/purple