late summer changes in the garden

Agastache anisata, not in bloom yet, and cornflowers.

agastache anisata

I do find growing from seed can be challenging. These globe thistles have been suprisingly successful. They have taken over this flower bed as I hadn't expected so many seedlings to grow so well. The scabiosa in the blue and white pot in front has also been wonderful and the bees have been loving them both. The agastache anisata and the cornflowers above have also been surprisingly successful seed grown plants.

lglobe thistles

geranium rozanne, it hasn't been a good performer for me but at least it's in bloom now

geranium rozanne

pickerel weed (pontederia cordata) in the pond

cat tail growing in the pond

cat tail

Oenothera versicolor self-seeding in a pot, I didn't choose this but it's very attractive.

oenothera versicolor

I don't know why my muscari are growing now. I thought they'd be dormant until spring.


unknown seedling