first crocuses outdoors

Socks and first hyacinths in bloom outdoors

cat Socks and purple hyacinths

This is the first time I've had flowers on a rosemary. I'm very impressed that it bloomed through the winter. I've seen quite sizeable shrubs at the garden centre last year with flowers which were a little expensive so I hope this will grow eventually to a similar size.

rosemary with flowers

close-up of more small early spring crocus in bloom

early spring crocus

all of those early spring crocus shown above

early spring crocus

this was the first crocus in the front garden in one of the pots shown above

yellow crocus

Unlike the shriveled shrunken hyacinth bulbs I've had in vases indoors for the past two months these outdoor bulbs are so ripe and fat. These are bulbs that I did not have vases for in September so I just popped them into whatever pots I had around.

hyacinths in a pot

one of the first crocuses outdoors in the back garden, probably another bulb that was surplus to requirements indoors

first crocus outdoors