fat buds ready to burst open

the centaurea montana has taken a few years but it has self-seeded magnificently, even in that pot on the right at the back, those red anemone buds on the right look like they will open soon 

centaurea montana

first fox and cubs flower and some wonderful fat buds underneath, forget-me-nots behind

fox and cubs flower

foxglove in bloom a few days after the pic below


foxglove still in bud a few days before

foxglove buds

iris foetidissima tightly furled bud

iris foetidissima bud

another iris nearby which is in bloom

iris foetidissima

lupin bud

lupin bud

raindrops on the lupin leaves

lupin with raindrops

this is in the pond, in the ranunculus family, will need to check the name

this fern was in the back garden when I moved in but only recently I tried to tidy up around it and remove the dried brown spent stems, I love those round sprouts which I will take another photo of today