hurry up tadpoles and turn into frogs and eat all the slugs and snails eating my plants!

I wanted a pic of the tadpole with front legs. I had to scoop him out of his bowl to show the 4 legs clearly.

tadpole with front legs

not a great pic but I wanted to show how long his tail still is

tadpole with front legs

a few days before I was excited about the hind legs developing


Until recently this hosta had escaped much damage but it has been discovered! I think the slugs have climbed up the Japanese anemone behind it.

hosta with slug damage

hosta with slug damage

this doesn't look like a hosta as the slugs have eaten all of the leaves, leaving the spines

hosta with slug damage

they were eating the dahlia's leaves as soon as they appeared until I picked the pot up off the ground and put it on this table, it's given the leaves a chance to grow


The poppy on the left (probably too far gone to recover now) has been stripped by the slugs, it had been large and full like the one on the right which just started to be eaten by the slugs and I hope I've rescued it in time. The one in the middle has 2 leaves, one on either side, eaten. I hope it will fully recover.

slug-damaged poppies

the 2 borage at the back have not been eaten by the slugs but I guess they got desperate and ate the one at the bottom

slug-damaged borage

they also ate this sea holly but the foxglove, forget-me-nots and verbena bonariensis have escaped with their lives

slug-damaged sea holly

tall sea holly and small one without a flower spike, both undamaged by the slugs

sea holly

2 packets of scabious seeds (Ebony and Ivory and House Novelty) and I have 5 plants, I don't think that's a very good result but at least I have some plants. I've planted packets of seeds where I got NO plants. I need to give up on certain things (in addition to what I already have on that list) and accept I cannot grow them from seed: monkshood and dierama, both languishing in seed trays, as are the polyanthus seeds but I shouldn't pronounce on those quite yet.

scabious Ebony and Ivory House Novelty

getting the moisture balance right for the seeds trays is challenging in the mini greenhouse (in the background of the delphinium pic below) but I see it's made those sprouting broccoli seeds germinate

seedlings with mushroom

I have more flowers on this B+Q Johnson's Blue hardy geranium than I ever had (in total) from the "plant of the century" Rozanne - what a misnomer! give me this classic anyday

johnson's blue hardy gernanium

This delphium from B+Q (also £2.50 for a small plant) is looking quite promising as well with buds that look like they will be blooming soon.


an orange ranunculus (I think)

orange ranunculus

I think I take this rose (Young Lycidas) for granted sometimes but this year, after a prune last year, it is looking magnificent and covered with flowers. It was one of 3 I bought when I first started working on this garden 10+ years ago. Another of the roses is quite small but still alive, see pic below. The third one (Brother Cadfael I think) is dead and gone.

young lycidas rose

a close-up of the view above with that small rose in the centre at the bottom