setting the froglets and toadlets free

with the froglets hopping around and desperate to get out of their bowl on the table I had to put them free by the pond

I was wondering if some might be toadlets rather than froglets

I put them by this corner of the pond

one on the above left looks very froglike, the one clinging to the plant basket covered with mug looks less identifiable as frog or toad

there's one in the water at the bottom that looks less developed

they're a lot smaller than I thought they'd be when I let them loose

In a pot, off the ground on a table on the patio, the delphinium is blooming and doing great. I never thought I'd have a delphinium again. Last year's seeds did not yield a single surviving plant and the self-seeded small plant from this year is below amongst my rants about slug damage. With a £2.50 small plant impulse purchase from B+Q and a spare pot from freecycle I decided to give it a go. Glad I did. The bees are loving it. Hard to see but there's a bee on a flower below.

delphinium with bee

A view of the entire plant. I didn't even notice Victor on the stairs next door in the background when I took the pic, only when I was putting it on my computer.


Just on the other side of that fence/wall, the patio next door has a self-seeded passionflower in the gaps between the slabs (just out of view). It's been there for a year or two. I finally thought it might be nice growing up to and along the top of the fence. I cobbled together a simple piece of twine for it to climb up, tied to a brick at the bottom, up to the pipe and over to the first fence post. It will rot in no time so I hope by then the vine will be up to the fence and I'll sort something else out (Monty Don would be appalled).  

update on the poppies, some are still alive and have buds


some are slug-damaged and as good as dead

one that was slug-damaged before did not get planted in there with the others as it seemed to be dead as that one above but it's revived being away from the slugs

one of the poppies in that pot isn't a poppy at all but a scabious I mistook for one