August 2016

the Grandpa Otts morning glory continues flowering, still no flowers from the other variety

Grandpa Otts morning glory

the water lily keeps flowering as well

water lily

surprisingly the red poppy (was supposed to be Seriously Scarlet but I doubt that) has a second bud


the bees are loving the buddleja in the front garden near the pavement

bee on buddleja

the last shrub I had in that position people passing pulled off every woody flowering stem, eventually ruining it, the buddleja was free!

bee on buddleja

this phormium bloomed recently


hollyhocks are the star of the garden next door


The ornamental artichokes are fantastic at this time of year.

artichoke flowers

They have spread next door and the next garden as well.

artichoke flowers

a better view of the artichokes next door

artichoke flowers

bees are also loving the scabious

bee on scabious

and the lesser knapweed

bee on lesser knapweed

the velvety buds of and "ebony" (of Ebony and Ivory scabious

Ebony and Ivory scabious

Liverwort: how bad is it?, can self-seeders grow through it?

I noticed this sprout in the middle (towards the left) and wasn't sure if it was part of the liverwort or something that was growing through it.


I pulled up the liverwort, the roots are like cotton wool, and that sprout does seem to be a separate plant.


As well as that original sprout I saw there seems to be another on the left, I will see if they survive - and what they are

A green alkanet has self-seeded against the fence amidst the sea hollies on the left, that is coming out, much as I love green alkanet I don't want it everywhere. The nepeta is blooming, the phlomis is still blooming and a viola has appeared in the small pot. A globe thistle has appeared in that pot of poppies. It's going in the flowerbed (to the right).

This sea holly, still in a pot, suddenly bloomed recently, there's another sea holly next to it that has not bloomed, also a self-seeded scented-leaf geranium which has not bloomed yet, a hollyhock and a snapdragon.

that slug-eaten sea holly is to the left below, I've put that copper tape in a ring around it to stop the slugs eating it

sea holly

a close-up of the sea holly inside the copper