late scabious

the fatsia japonica have striking seed heads developing this time of year; this one is in the churchyard of St Pancras Old Church

fatsia japonica St Pancras Old Church

another burial ground, St Andrews, off Grays Inn Rd

euryops pectinatus

another burial ground, St George's Gardens, and a view of what I seem to see wherever I go: the Post Office Tower

St George's Gardens

a close-up of that euphorbia; I'll go back to see it in bloom


the euphorbia with aucuba in the background

euphorbia and aucuba

another view of the Post Office Tower, from St Pancras Lock

Post Office Tower from St Pancras Lock

from the flowerbed near there, I'll check what that is but I love the cage around the bud -update- rudbeckia?

back in my garden, late scabious surrounded by spent globe thistles and sea holly


I was trying to capture the buddleja at each side of the bridge when I noticed the interesting graffiti; I couldn't fit the whole bridge in one shot

Camden Rd bridge buddleja

Camden Rd bridge buddleja

ivy seed head

ivy seed head