St Pancras Old Church and the Hardy Tree - January 2018

Happy New Year

I seem to be in St Pancras Old Church Yard quite a lot taking photos, I thought it would be nice to present it properly - and the Hardy Tree. In the centre background is the Crick Institute which is behind the British Library on Euston Rd, London NW1. On the left background is just a bit of St Pancras Station. This historical church and churchyard has survived, against the odds, extremely close to central London.

St Pancras Old Church Hardy Tree

St Pancras Old Church sign

st pancras old church

hardy tree

hardy tree

this is the west side of the Hardy Tree, in the background is a new wall they erected when working on the railway lines out of St Pancras Station, just peaking above the wall are the gasometers they've moved and re-erected as part of the canal redevelopment

Hardy Tree west side

north side of the Hardy Tree

Hardy Tree north side

east side of the Hardy Tree

Hardy Tree east side

south side of the Hardy Tree

Hardy Tree south side

an old twisty tree, corkscrew hazel? in the churchyard

tree St Pancras Old Church

stonework St Pancras Old Church

I first saw butterbur in the churchyard


mahonia, unlike mine with rather flat sprays of flowers, this one has upright branches of flowers

mahonia St Pancras Old Church

horseweed, in the background is the coroner's court / mortuary that was built in 1886

horseweed St Pancras Old Church