Winter Flowers Jan/Feb 2018

There's been so much work along the Regent's Canal near King's Cross/St Pancras. They've moved the gasometers and built flats inside two of them and made a park in the third (black one on the left). I was interested in what weeds were growing in the wall by St Pancras Lock but I couldn't see them well enough and the towpath is closed there at the moment with all the construction. I hope to get a closer look soon.

St Pancras Lock and gasometers

I've been walking a lot recently and I see a number of plants and shrubs blooming, even though it's winter.



Vachellia karroo (formerly known as acacia karroo).

vachellia karroo

I'd seen this before but didn't know what it was until this week when I researched it and found it's winter jasmine.

winter jasmine

and a weed I've not seen up close and personal before, lesser celandine (the previous pic in my Weed Guide was shared by a reader, now I have my own); I'm impressed this can grow and bloom in the middle of winter, as with all the flowers I've seen recently

lesser celandine

lesser celandine bud

lesser celandine bud

another yellow flower, closer to home in my garden, mahonia


a colour I much prefer to all that yellow, purple/blue rosemary flowers

rosemary flowers and buds

Polly Pocket venturing out on a nice day; the prostrate rosemary is covered with flowers and buds

prostrate rosemary flowering

a neighbour has naturalised crocus in their front lawn


I've been fascinated with this seed pod I saw nearby a couple weeks ago. Thinking it's thorn-apple? I didn't notice it in bloom last summer. Not sure if it's annual or perennial but I will look out for it this year.

thorn apple seed pod

I also collected some seeds from another pod that was brown and opening so I hope to sow those and see what I get.

thorn-apple seed pot

my first rhubarb emerging