Spring 2018

This is my kind of Easter activity. How many plants / weeds can be identified? (this is also on Facebook so you can comment if you want)

with labels added

I think this must be the largest hairy bittercress I've ever seen. The long spiky bits are the seed pods. There is a tiny hairy bittercress in the centre of the pic above.

hairy bittercress

this is the first green alkanet I've seen this Spring, one of my favourite flowers

green alkanet

forsythia is magnificent for a brief period in the Spring


Hampstead Heath was a rather disappointing place to see plants this week (ground too trodden on by people and their dogs) but around Kenwood House I saw a few small bulbs including this chinodoxa. I love the intense colour of the closed buds.


close-up or one of the chinodoxa flowers


view from Hampstead Heath, Post Office Tower far right

view from Hampstead Heath

best buys from the garden centre (free from the skip!)

I bought some plants from Peter Nyssen, Bear's discovered the nepeta (catnip). Between the cold and snow recently and Bear, they aren't looking too good.

a couple more colours of polyanthus are blooming, and that blue "zebra" one I couldn't resist from the garden centre


angelica I bought from the garden centre last year as a "wildflower", good value, it's a biennial so will bloom this year after last year's planting


the cyclamen coum has survived the slugs, campanula and other seedlings near it

cyclamen coum

I plant out my previously forced hyacinth bulbs, they do bloom again but in a very subdued way. The garden withoutdoors overlaps with the garden withindoors

previously forced hyacinths blooming in the garden

previously forced hyacinths blooming in the garde

previously forced hyacinths blooming in the garden

I now have a huge pile of spent hyacinth bulbs to plant in the garden. I think it's warm enough now - for the moment - before the latest cold snap due before Easter.

spent hyacinth bulbs

bulbs want to grow! these tiny bulbs were on the patio or somewhere last autumn and got accumulated in this pot, I had forgotten about them and this spring started doing what they do

tiny bulbs