May 2018

one of my favourite flowers, always very happy to see the first centaurea montana in bloom, truly the start of the season

centaurea montana

difficult for my camera to capture that intense blue colour of the common field speedwell I'm seeing so much of, and loving, right now

common field speedwell

common field speedwell

it's difficult to notice the long leaves amongst the green alkanet (with the blue flowers) but I think that's my first comfrey of the year


I guess I started my seeds and corms a bit late so I don't have much new yet, thank goodness for the honesty, green alkanet and forget-me-nots, and previous years' chives. Some of my seedlings have been devastated by slugs, some are looking promising, see my Seeds page for more info. Growing from seed does take a long time so there is that temptation for instant colour from the garden centre.


3 days later lots of the chive flowers opening, hope there'll be lots of bees there soon

chive flowers

a bee enjoying the green alkanet currently covering my back garden; I did see a different type of bee around this time so I think it's time to research what kind of bees I have in the garden

green alkanet with bee

self-seeded viola, not quite open yet

self-seeded viola