June 2018

Victor decided to use a brick for a pillow today. Nepeta (catnip) to the left, scabious to the right.

cat brick for pillow

I'm having some difficulty with the sea holly. I am growing them in a trough to keep the slugs off them and because of lack of room in the garden to plant them in the ground. I guess I'm not doing something right as the flower stems at the top are collapsing. I guess my watering regimen is all wrong - too much water after not watering and them drying out? At least a couple of times watering has perked them up but lately I see the stems are permanently damaged so cut those off. I need to let the trough dry out a bit now after over-watering I think. And from what I'm reading online, I should have put in more drainage. 

sea holly wilting flower stems

red poppies still going strong, a week after the pic further below

red corn field poppies

3 zantedeschia flowers so far this year, last year I had masses but I think other plants are crowding them out


last year the green alkanet crowded out the fox and cubs but this year I made a small area free of it for them and I've been rewarded by the fox and cubs flowering

fox and cubs

I didn't plant anything in this SylvaC pot but these plants found their own way there: deadnettle, forget-me-not, foxglove, verbena bonariensis - basically my typical selection of self-seeders, just suprised no green alkanet

self-seeders SylvaC pot

the foxglove looks perfect in the crack to the left of the salamander - as a decoration - but it can't grow and flower there

self-seeders SylvaC pot

the pots I planted for my neighbour round the corner are looking good - and the hollyhock has self-seeded between the paving stones - they are amazing plants - even in that position, fat buds ready to bloom

a few days later the hollyhocks are in bloom

hollyhock in pavement

I pruned the honeysuckle and it responded by bursting into flower. The smell, in the evening especially, is amazing.


I have a new hardy geranium in the back garden. I think it was one of those perennial specials last summer, like buy 5 for the price of 4. It's settled in and is blooming well this spring.

hardy geranium

hardy geranium

one from the front garden is blooming as well

hardy geranium

also in the front garden, the poppies are still blooming

red poppies

the first lesser knapweed

lesser knapweed

in the back garden, the slugs love this acanthus (spinosis, I think) but somehow it's blooming this year, last year it didn't bloom as it was so badly eaten

acanthus spinosis

I've tried to grow monkshood from seed a few times without success so when I saw these plants at a garden centre, I decided to buy them as it was the only way I was going to have monkshood in my garden.


Something I grew from collected seed last year that did work is chinese lanterns. They are flowering - very subdued white flowers - but it means there'll be lanterns in the fall.

chinese lanterns flowers

I seem to have spectacular success with seeds or total failure. The lesser knapweed were a success and they've self-seeded like mad.

lesser knapweed

The globe thistles have been a huge success. They've taken over! They've blocked the sea holly planted to the left but the sea holly in the trough in front seem to be doing well.

globe thistle

The globe thistles are also taking over this flowerbed. I moved some that had self-seeded here last year and they're back!

globe thistle

At least these iris foetdissima are out of the way at the back of the garden. They bloom, even in the shade.

iris foetdissima

I planted some next door and they're blooming as well.

iris foetdissima