My Cats in My Garden

Scarecrow and Victor, that gorgeous ceanothus in the background, white-flowered tree to the right, makes a nice combination

Victor on the table I've been working hard to clear with some seedlings, so there's room for cats

Scarecrow enjoying the space on the table

the cats are competing for this position in the flowerbed, one of the few places in the garden free for them to sit / sleep, foxglove buds to the left

centaurea montana, Victor in the background

the day before, before the centaurea montana was fully open

allium Purple Sensation with Jeffrey in the favourite spot in the flowerbed in the background

Jeffrey in "the" position, hovcrfly in front

self-seeded echium Blue Bedder in the garden next door I look after, why couldn't more have self-seeded ? my seedlings suffered from damping-off so sadly no new plants this year unless the recently re-sown seeds grow pretty quickly

echium Blue Bedder

I was worried where the bees would feed once the green alkanet is finished and no echium Blue Bedder but I realised the nepeta will be in bloom soon and I have a few good-sized plants, lots of buds (I do so love buds)

nepeta buds

monkshood has buds also

monkshood buds

scabious coming into flower



some fat, numerous buds of creeping thistle nearby

creeping thistle buds

first ranunculus in bloom