my front garden mid-May 2019

My previous post was all photos of my back garden, today they're all from my front garden.

honesty seed pods / "coins"

honesty seed pods coins

field / corn / red poppy, I did try to grow these from seed  but it proved impossible, these are from small "wildflower" plants the garden centre sells for a short time in spring, these have done well, they've self-seeded from the plants I bought last year

corn field red poppy

greater knapweed is another plant that is difficult from seed but this may be the one plant I got from a packet of seeds or maybe one of those small plants from the garden centre, anyway, I only have the one plant currently

greater knapweed

so when I saw these are the garden centre in the "wildflower" range, I bought another greater knapweed, the slugs almost destroyed it so I was holding off putting it in the ground, not sure how to protect it

greater knapweed



allium, christophii I think


my cat Polly Pocket with another allium