latest flowers in bloom

lots of flowers are blooming, in addition to the green alkanet

allium Purple Sensation with a bee

allium with bee

allium with bee

there is a bee on the peachy snapdragons on the left, although admittedly a bit small to see, all of the snapdragons here self-seeded as did the violas


bee on the left in this shot, perhaps slightly easier to see


red poppies in the front garden, ox-eye daisies in the background

red corn field poppies

red poppies in the back garden

red corn field poppies

first foxglove in bloom


more foxgloves in the front, they seem to grow to fit their situation, these didn't have much room in this pot so they're smaller


the rose has masses of flowers now (Young Lycidas?, I think, I didn't keep track so well of my plants when I bought it about 15 years ago)


few days later, first knautica in bloom in addition to the foxglove and roses


wider view of all those roses


two of my cats, with my messy patio - I have lots of containers of water - for plants and animals, the cats like to drink from them, no doubt the foxes as well

another cat

I always have violas self-seeding everywhere, this beautiful "black" (very dark purple) one appeared in a pot

black viola

I love buds, especially fat bursting ones, this purple aquilegia one was such a beautiful colour I wanted to take a photo, I didn't even notice the bugs (aphids?) until I was processing the photos at my pc.


a purple aquilegia in bloom, I have aquilegias popping up all over the garden, front and back, amidst the green alkanet


few more centaurea montana flowers but I think they're coming to an end, sadly

centaurea montana

In addition to the rose above in my main flowerbed, I have this rosa rugosa in the front garden, blooming away with the minium of fuss, sometimes forgotten about. It was here when I moved in - it deserves more attention!

rosa rugosa

rosa rugosa flower close-up

also in the front garden, lesser knapweed, first iris foetidissima flowers in the background to the right

lesser knapweed

more sun in the front to help those iris bloom whereas in the back garden they are only in bud

iris foetidissima buds

first passionflower in bloom - and lots of buds