Summer 2019

Lauren's Grape poppy in bloom and attracting bees

lauren's grape poppy with bee

lauren's grape poppy with bee

the scabiosa Perfection Blue has finally attracted bees

scabiosa Perfection Blue with bee

speaking of bees, I saw these catsear locally with bees a few weeks ago, I just came across the photos and realised I'd never uploaded them

catsear with bee

birdsfoot trefoil top left

catsear birdsfoot trefoil with bee

I had one sunflower last year from seed seeds that came with something and this year I had one self-seeding, presumably from last year's.


this is what happens in my garden, hydrangea (good buy from Sainsbury's, happen to be there when they'd put these out) surrounded by self-seeders, clockwise from top right: lesser knapweed, goat willow (just top visible), forget-me-not, ivy-leaved toadflax, dog violet and not self-seeded but prevalent in my garden, bergenia and Chinese lanterns in pots after my successful experiment growing them from seed


this also happens in my garden, sadly

I tried growing melancholy thistle from seed and although I had reasonble seedlings the slugs were fierce and I lost every one, this one appeared with some hollyhock seedlings but it too got attacked

slug-eaten melancholy thistle seedling

this also happens in my garden, I bought this rudbeckia Green Wizard as attempts from seed failed, before I could plant it out, the slugs got it, it grew back, slugs got it again, it's grown back again so I am reluctant to plant it out until it gets larger and I figure out where to put it away from the slugs, meanwhile lots of self-seeders! tiny poppy (which assumes adjusts its size to fit its environment), dog violet, snapdragons, deadnettle and verbena bonariensis

tiny self-seeded poppy