end of July 2019

Thank goodness it has cooled down and we've had some rain. The bees have been enjoying the flowers blooming in this hot weather.


lavender with bee

nepeta cataria / catnip / catmint

nepeta cataria with bee

Japanese anemone

japanese anemone with bee

globe thistles

globe thistles with bee


passionflower with bee

More flowers for bees at Flowers for Bees page.

The cloudier weather has made it easier to take some photos; it had been difficult to photograph this white hyssop flower in the bright sun.

hyssop flower

I grew this hyssop from seeds I bought in Seoul, sown last summer, eaten voraceously by slugs but 3 plants survived because I've kept them off the ground away from the slugs, and now the first flowers. I wasn't expecting white flowers - thought they'd be purple. The photo on the seed packet had purple flowers but maybe there's something in the text that says "white". I'm learning Korean but not up to reading the seed packet yet but I'll look for the word "white". The pot on the right kept getting knocked over and peanuts buried in it by squirrels so it doesn't look so good and no buds.


Two plants that didn't bloom at all last year because of the drought and heatwave: crocosima and agapanthus, but thankfully blooming this year.