March 2020

Finally dry enough to be in the garden, 3 of my 4 cats joined me, Victor using a brick for a pillow

Scarecrow enjoying the sun, typical plants in my garden: nepeta on his left, scabious on his right, hawk's-beard in front

Polly Pocket enjoying a pot of catnip (nepeta faassenii)

I was able to plant out some small plants I got from Peter Nyssen, scabiosa Perfecta Blue, one in the pot to the left, 3 in the pot on the right

scabiosa Perfecta Blue

I got 6 small scabiosa Perfecta Blue plants which varied a lot; 3 had well-developed buds and looked like they would bloom this spring / summer but 3 had stems cut and only side shoots and the monarda Cambridge Scarlet don't look like much but I don't know this plant well so will wait and see

scabiosa Perfecta Blue

1 scabiosa Perfecta Blue in the centre, 3 monarda Cambridge Scarlet around the outside

scabiosa Perfecta Blue monarda Cambridge Scarlet

2 in this trough with some struggling tulips

monarda Cambridge Scarlet

happy to see I have a few fox-and-cubs seedlings

fox-and-cubs seedlings

I have a few Laurens Grape poppy (which I grew last year) seedlings / small plants self-seeding and I didn't even plant any seeds yet

laurens grape poppy seedlings

my 1 surviving monkshood


I grew primula from seed a few years ago (the seeds were on special) and they turned out to be reasonably easy to grow and survived. Not sure why this one is in the middle of the flowerbed. I think it must have self-seeded.


as part of my tidy-up I found lots of slugs which I put on the compost pile so I'm hoping my plants will be less affected although not sure if these are the ones that feed on fresh growth or decayed matter