mid-May 2022

I love sheepsbit. I first tried growing it from seed April 2020 and only got 1 plant - but what a plant! gorgeous flowers (the next year June 2021) which the bees loved. I collected seed last year and sowed it Sept 2021. I think these 2 seedlings are a result of that sowing. Do I try to separate them? I decided to leave them be in case I disturbed them too much. Going from previous experience, I won't get flowers until next year.

sheepsbit seedlings

This red campion has been amazing. I grew them from a pack of wildflower seeds, a bee promotion? last year but they didn't flower until this year but what an amazing number of flowers! and the bees have been loving them. I haven't grown red campion before and I didn't know bees liked them so much.

red campion

one lone white flower has appeared

white campion

The pot that the fringecups were in broke and for a while the plant sat without a pot. I finally repotted it recently and I see it has recovered enough to grow a flower spike. Only 1 so far. I can't remember exactly when the pot broke but I see from photos there were lots of flowers June 2021 so probably last autumn.


We had rain once and the slugs are out in force. I've also had bird damage or I think it is bird damage. Plants have been bitten off.

anchusa damaged

borage seedling bitten off

borage seedling damaged

it's fun to do a bit of botanizing while going to the dump, this eastern rocket with those very long fruits and catsear with its distinctive rosette and yellow flowers were growing by the entrance to the dump yesterday

eastern rocket and catsear