end of May 2022

melancholy thistle with bees

melancholy thistle with bees

one of the greatest views in the garden, a bee going into a foxglove

foxglove with bee

the lupin has survived the slugs and grown a bud! - a miracle

lupin bud

acanthus in bloom, amazing after no flower last year because of slugs, two flowers this year

acanthus spinosis

echium vulgare buds, echium vulgare are so fiddly for me, usually I have to buy small plants as growing from seed is so difficult but didn't see any plants for sale this year but this one self-seeded, so many miracles in the garden this spring

echium vulgare

sky-high teasel with lots of buds


closer view of the water in those cups formed by the leaves on the stem

teasel with water

foxglove in bloom


fringecups in bloom


iris foetidissima in bloom

iris foetidissima

these dandelions were all that was left after the poppy seedlings were eaten by slugs but I guess some of the poppies were actually these dandelions but that's ok, I have dandelions in my garden and I want to practice identifying them

dandelion seedlings

slug damage can be soul-destroying, my only chinese lantern shoots this year and eaten by slugs

chinese lanterns slug-eaten

my kind of front garden: full of Crepis vesicaria / beaked hawk's-beard

crepis vesicaria

knautia / knapweed / scabious

lesser knapweed

lesser knapweed

knautia macedonica

knautia macedonica

younger knautia macedonica plants

knautia macedonica