beginning of June 2022

in my front garden, Atlantic poppy, first a hoverfly was on it, then a bee, then another hoverfly of the same one came back

atlantic poppy hoverfly

atlantic poppy bee

atlantic poppy hoverfly

also in my front garden are two magnificent teasels


my other teasel, artichokes and my black and white cow kitty enjoying the sun

sometimes the bees fly around too quickly for me to photograph them, the bee below was on the green alkanet flower but it moved before I captured it actually on the flower

lambs ear (Stachys byzantina)

stachys byzantina

mahonia, you can see why it's known as Oregon grapes

mahonia oregon grapes

meadow cranesbill

water figwort in another garden nearby

water figwort scrophularia auriculata

water figwort scrophularia auriculata

this is an example of buds I find more attractive than the resulting flowers, potato tree (Solanum crispum)

potato tree solanum crispum

back garden, bees on the sea holly

bees on sea holly

bee on melancholy thistle

looks like the bee is on the scabious which is wilting but I guess there was enough left to interest the bee

iris foetidissima with bee

lupin (wow! it survived the slugs and snails)





I have lots of poppies. These large grey-green glaucous ones are opium poppies (Papaver somniferum). These are the result of self-seeding so they are more advanced than any of the others that I sowed seeds for myself. I guess I should have started my seed sowing earlier.

opium poppies (Papaver somniferum)

red common poppies on the left, 2 pots of poppies in the centre, 2 pots of poppies on the right


mixed pot of poppies