poppies, acanthus, pink hawk's-beard and friends

bee on red poppy

bee on red poppy

finally the bees have started visiting the Lauren's Grape poppies 

lots of red poppies are blooming

red corn field common poppy

viper's bugloss, bee bottom right

bee on vipers bugloss

blackcurrant sage appeared to be almost dead but I've been watering it well and it has revived, lots of flowers

Acanthus in bloom, best flowers in years. Last year no flowers as they were devoured by slugs. This year, putting in this new fence requred extensive clearing of ivy where I guess the slugs and snails were hiding out. This year, nowhere to hide. Three flowers, must get a better photo of all 3. I wanted to show the bee here - bottom flower on the right of the left flower.

acanthus with bee

close-up of that bee

acanthus with bee

Now the bee is on the left at the bottom.

acanthus with bee

flying bee just to the left

acanthus with bee

view of the entire acanthus

acanthus spinosis

Crepis rubra (pink dandelion / pink hawk's-beard) I grew from seed, first flower 14-6-2022

crepis rubra

lots of buds so looking forward to more flowers

crepis rubra

crepis rubra


I have lots of poppies in bloom now but so far no bees on them. I have some bees but I guess not enough to get to all the flowers in the garden.

hogweed, I'm hoping I can see a bee on this soon


common hogweed

borage with buds, green alkanet behind

borage with buds