textured leaves: foxglove, green alkanet, borage, etc

31-10-2022 this is a snaphot of textured leaves in my garden at the end of October, all photos taken in the last few days.

I noticed some very textured leaved plants growing near each other and thought a photo would help with a comparison, foxgloves to the left and centre, borage on the right

foxglove borage green alkanet

closer view of that foxglove above, the leaves on top are lighter and fuzzier than the leaves underneath which look more textured, sadly, in the centre is a tiny flower stem that did not grow and develop properly because of the drought and heatwave during the summer, I don't know what will happen with this plant, they usually flower and die back but this one looks like it may last until next year, will it flower again??


the foxglove to the left in the top photo has the very textured leaves without the softer leaves on top, I think because it's a younger plant that grew this year, touching the leaves they are soft, an indicator of foxglove (versus green alknaet which is rough)


younger foxgloves that grew this year showing that centre soft texture, they will flower next year, foxgloves are biennial


when buds appear (on the borage on the right), borage is easily identifiable

borage foxglove

closer view of that borage



another borage plant nearby, flowers just starting to open


borage blooming


better view of the green alkanet top right

borage foxglove green alkanet

closer view of that green alkanet - and a hollyhock in the centre with more rounded leaves (melancholy thistle in the pot just visible at the bottom)

green alkanet

green alkanet with flowers

closer view of green alkanet leaves

green alkanet

as I was looking at textured leaves, thought the water figwort should probably be included

water figwort

wider view of these plants in my garden

teasel, the ultimate textured leaved plant


comfrey, this is the only comfrey plant I have in my garden at the moment, easy to identify with the spent flowerhead, unlike green alkanet which I have masses of and foxglove and the other plants I have a number of but the leaves show that similar texture to other plants


honesty, I saw this while out today and it reminded me of these textured leaved plants and thought it would be good to include it