January 2023

shepherd's purse

There are magic times when plants grow but no spraying of weedkiller yet. Shepherd's purse is one of those opportunists that take advantage. Beautiful distinct seedpods allow easy identification.

shepherd's purse capsella bursa-pastoris

shepherd's purse capsella bursa-pastoris

I think those white buds are shepherd's purse but would love to confirm, will try to go back and check, chickweed above

shepherd's purse chickweed

this as well, nearby, leaves just aren't the usual shepherd's purse but that is so variable

shepherd's purse

wall lettuce as well pops up whenever and wherever it can

wall lettuce

new rosettes

most look like smooth sow thistle but the one in the middle, wondering Eastern rocket

closer view of the possible Eastern rocket

eastern rocket

nearby another smooth sow thistle (or pretty sure it is but always like to confirm if I can)

smooth sow thistle