March 2024

this tree was full of bees today, I think it's a cherry
The seedheads left on the sawwort are quite attractive. I'm not sure why I only have one plant worth but maybe I cut them down, I can't remember.
sawwort seedheads
I used to be up on all my seedlings but new plants, new seedlings have been challenging. I think these might be giant scabious but I will have to wait and see.
giant scabious Cephalaria gigantea seedlings
the Veronica peduncularis continues to make a great show
Veronica peduncularis
Veronica peduncularis
my pot-bound agapanthus which seemed to suffer in the cold weather has shown signs of life I am relieved to see, I must repot it
I had so many aquilegias in my last garden. I am happy to see I have one in one of the pots I brought with me, along with forget-me-nots and a small scabious. Melancholy thistle in the pot to the right. 
The forget-me-nots self-seed like mad. I discovered some in my houndstongue which I removed and quickly put into the ground, some grass I'd turned over. Not sure how they'll grow but not too bothered.
Growing from seed (and growing plants) is so unpredictable. I brought pots from my old garden and a number had seedlings. I didn't seem to have any teasel - so disappointing. I had so many teasel seedlings in my last garden, every time I sowed seeds I had some teasel seedlings. I finally gave in and bought a packet of teasel seeds and before they arrived, I see teasel seedlings in a couple pots.
teasel seedlings
teasel seedlings
So many packets of seeds do not grow so I was surprised to get a few navelwort seedlings and a couple are doing very well. The seeds I bought from that company at the same time did not grow at all.
navelwort seedling
I had a globe thistle seedling but it started to wilt - all this rain? Maybe it was drowining. I took the pot out of the seed tray for it to dry out and notice a second seedling. Maybe there's hope. I left all my globe thistle plants in my last garden.
navelwort seedling


giant scabious (Cephalaria gigantea) self-seeder from my last garden

giant scabious Cephalaria gigantea

sycamore seedling - so easy to identify a seedling when the seed is still present

sycamore seedling

I love thistles. This is melancholy thistle (Cirsium heterophyllum), from seeds and shared plants)

melancholy thistle Cirsium heterophyllum

suddenly this year, the differently edged plant bottom right has appeared

Cirsium heterophyllum melancholy thistle

My one surviving houndstongue (Cynoglossum officinale) plant from an entire packet of seeds. Hasn't flowered yet but hope it will this summer. Is that a cheeky forget-me-not self-seeded amongst it?

houndstongue Cynoglossum officinale

I love nepeta as do some of the cats. I have different types, this is a smaller (dwarf?) one I don't know exactly, happy to see it has lots of buds




red campion I brought from my last garden where it self-seeded a lot so not sure if it was wise to bring it but I did so will watch developments

red campion Silene dioica

still awaiting developments on these plants, thought they were from Centaurea montana I grew from seed but only got 1 plant and it's never bloomed, this seems to be more than 1 plant but must look carefully and I guess plant in the ground

centaurea montana