growing from seed

I get enormous satisfaction from plants flowering after I've grown them from seed. It can be difficult though. I've had a lot of failures. A lot of seeds that never germinated and some plants failing after the first year.

My giant scabious has buds. It flowered last year for the first time after seeds being sown 2 years before that. It can be a slow process.

giant scabious (Cephalaria gigantea)

I couldn't decide which photo (above or below) was better so I'm posting both.

giant scabious Cephalaria gigantea

I grew this houndstongue from seed. It was the only surviving plant from 1 packet of seeds, sown 2 years ago? I need to check. I'm hoping those are flowering stems starting in the centre.

houndstongue Cynoglossum officinale

this self-seeder has me confused, I don't know what it is, it's in a pot that I thought had seedlings in it I wanted, I guess I should just repot it and see what happens, patience required! but sometimes I'm impatient

same pot just different views